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Folded Leaflets Printing

Folded Leaflets are usually printed both sides on single sheets with various folds thus creating the appearance of separate 'pages'. The most common types are 1-fold leaflets with 4 'pages' (a single sheet folded in half), or a 2-fold leaflet with 6 'pages' (a single sheet folded into thirds).

Because of the extra pages, leaflets are usually designed to deliver more extensive or detailed information, like price lists. Like flyers, Folded Leaflets are a cost effective tool for reaching a target audience.

Minuteman Press in Ware Hertfordshire offers cheap and affordable Folded Leaflet printing on a variety of paper weights and finishes. VAT only applies to Leaflets that include a response form.

Standard finished sizes are A4 (297x210mm) A5 (210x148mm) and DL also called 1/3 A4 (210x100mm).

If you have your own Folded Leaflet artwork you can supply Minuteman Press with a digital file (use the upload tab) and if you don't have an artwork we can design it for you. For prices please download our price guide.

Please see below the requirements for a print-ready Folded Leaflet.

  • Page size in mm (Position text, graphic items and images 5 mm away from edge unless intended to bleed off the edge)
  • Bleed of 3 mm has to be added all round
  • Number of pages

Folded leaflets dimensions

Format: 100 x 210 mm

Number of pages: 6 pages

Colours: CMYK

Print data: Not less than 300dpi as 297 PDF, JPEG or TIFF in the CMYK colour range with the colour profile for illustration printing paper.

Please do not use any spot colours or pantone colours.

Folded leaflets dimensions

Format: 148 x 210 mm A5

Number of pages: 4 pages

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